Chocolate-covered Cherry Macaroons – GF, CF, RSF, DF, Vegan, Raw


I intended to do an anti-candida friendly version of Hail Merry's raw chocolate macaroons. Then, as usual, things took a twist. The fresh cherry provides a tart juiciness that perfectly offsets the dense chewiness of the raw macaroon filling. It's got cherries, chocolate, chia seeds and coconut! Today's recipe is brought to you by the letter "C". :-) Originally I ...

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Creamy Vanilla Custard Ice Cream – Corn-free,GF,RSF

Pecan Praline Ice Cream

This ice cream is rich and creamy but most importantly scoop-able (and sliceable) right from the freezer. In order to make the ice cream birthday cake recipe I shared with you yesterday, I needed a softer non-dairy ice cream base. Coconut milk is notoriously hard to scoop! The recipe I came up with is inspired by traditional vanilla ...

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Ice Cream Birthday Cake – GF,CF,DF,RSF

A slice of ice cream cake with homemade graham crackers

No more trying to pass off an allergy-friendly birthday cake to children. They're on to us! My ice cream birthday cake is a great alternative to a traditional birthday cake—no apologies needed for being allergy-friendly. :-) My birthday falls at the end of a very birthday-filled six weeks' period in my family. Nobody wants yet another cake at ...

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Easy Pecan Pralines – GF,CF,RSF


Pralines are so buttery, nutty, sweet and salty all in one bite. Believe me, it only takes one piece to feel throughly treated. It's hard to believe all that richness comes from just 3 little ingredients! These pralines are so easy to make. They hardly call for a recipe and NO candy thermometer. Woohoo! I find it very ...

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Chocolate Profiteroles – GF, CF, DF, RSF

Chocolate profiterole on plate

It's a rare thing when a gluten-free recipe tastes exactly like the original. Who knew that profiteroles, or cream puffs, would be one of those rare things. :-) I used my modified version of America's Test Kitchen gluten free flour blend. They're light and eggy. They puff up and have the exact same texture as regular ...

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Tahdig: Persian Hash Browns – Nightshade-free, GF, CF


I'm so excited to present you with this recipe for Tahdig, or as I think of it, rice hash browns! Yeah, that's where my mind goes when I see a pan-fried salty starch that goes great with a tomato-based sauce. :-) I've been avoiding potatoes for a while. I can handle other nightshades but the white potatoes ...

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