Corn-free Alternatives to Antihistamines

The Antihistamine Years

antihistamineFew of you know that I was diagnosed with a true corn allergy when my doctor, after several unsuccessful attempts to prescribe antihistamines for hives, discovered that all the prescription strength medications had corn starch in them as fillers. Being allergic to your antihistamines is the quintessential definition of irony.

She was excited because she’d never met anyone with a true corn allergy and now she could write a paper. I wasn’t nearly as excited. She found one antihistamine that didn’t have corn starch in it. It’s a tiny pill called hydroxyzine and I took it for nearly 15 years.

I was never really happy to take hydroxyzine. It was messing with my sleep patterns. It made it very hard for me to get up in the mornings. I also had to keep in mind that at anytime the manufacturers could start adding corn starch to it. In my mind, this solution had an expiration date.


I was finally able to get off antihistamines last summer. I found a fantastic homeopathy practitioner here in Charlotte. She reviewed my medical history and all my symptoms and recommended a remedy for me that has finally allowed me to quit taking the hydroxyzine. The remedy is quite specific to me (sulphur 12C) and depending on your whole medical history, a practitioner might recommend something else for you.

I will say the homeopathy is still a work in progress. I still have mild reactions but with the vitamins and herbs I take, they’re manageable.

Non-prescription Remedies

I’m giving you the brand names since I’ve already vetted them against my own corn sensitivities. YMMV

  • Bluebonnet Super Quercetin 1 2x/day
  • Now Oregano oil 2 2x/day – natural antibiotic
  • Mesosilver 1tbsp daily – natural antibiotic
  • Eclectic Institute Olive Leaf, 400mg – treats sinus symptoms
  • Eclectic Institute Nettle, 300mg – treats hive symptoms
  • Magnesium Oil – treats headaches and cramps
  • Colloidal silver nasal spray – treats sinus symptoms (will cause a lot of drainage at first)

I also take Enzymedica ViraStop and/or SerraGold as soon as I realize I’ve been exposed. The enzymes work to clear my system of the allergen as fast as possible. I’ve heard activated charcoal does the same thing by binding the food just eaten. I haven’t tried it because it binds the minerals too. So it’s not something you can use as more than an emergency stop-gap.

Acupuncture and Laser Therapy

My acupuncturist has been treating me for just over 2 years now. The treatment also includes laser therapy for allergies. She “cleared” me of corn over a year ago but I still have reactions. As of last week, she cleared me of microwave popcorn which was still causing terrible reactions. I had to bring her a sample of popcorn kernels (someone else collected them for me) and she put them in a tiny vial that I hold while she runs a laser light over my back for a couple of minutes.

Lasering is non-invasive but also very specific. Due to the severity of the allergy, we have to treat each corn component separately. Next up, she’ll be treating me for fabric softener, which I’m also certain has corn in it. I don’t use it myself, I’m reacting to the smell of it on people’s clothes in the office. Seriously!


As you can see this has been a process and no one thing has been the perfect solution. I continue to chip away at my allergies bit by bit. I hope one day to be able to go to a movie and just appreciate popcorn as “theater potpourri”!

Here’s a shout out to Tamar for inspiring this post. You should check out her work in progress on a corn allergy documentary!

Disclaimer: I have no medical or nutritional training. Any supplement regimen I share with you are meant as a starting point in your own research. What worked for me may not work for you. Most importantly, you should always do your own research to make sure that you won’t react to the supplements as we all have different sensitivities and reactions to corn.

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7 Responses to Corn-free Alternatives to Antihistamines

  1. Sara K. says:


    I have had a go round with my pharmacy about soy being in meds. They insist there is no soy, I ask them to actually check the ingredients. The pharmacist could not believe that there is soy in Vitamin D! Yep. It’s everywhere!

    Please keep posting on the corn allergy. I have that one too, but the soy is much more painful, so I focus on that as a priority with corn coming in close behind.

  2. Hi Jillian,
    This is a very valuable resource for corn allergy-sufferers as well as those of us who prefer natural remedies.Thank you so much for enlightening us about Corn-free Alternatives to Antihistamines at
    the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing!

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  4. Elise says:

    Oh man, corn is in everything! I’m so glad you’ve found natural alternative to antihistamines!
    Thanks for sharing what’s working for you, and for linking up with Waste Not Want Not Wednesday!

  5. Nikki says:

    This was an interesting read and thank you for sharing!

    Just wanted to drop a quick note about your experience with hydroxyzine. And, this may have been something that you’ve long figured out by now. 🙂

    It may have not agreed with your system in part because it’s not entirely safe for anyone with a corn allergy (and should not be recommended as a corn-free alternative but most doctors have no idea what their medications are made from, nor do they care to research it unless they’ve dealt with severe allergies before). The major hydroxyzine pills contains the ingredients of anhydrous lactose, starch, and sucrose, all of which are typically corn derivatives. And, I’m assuming you didn’t take generic because those almost always have regular corn starch. Some people with corn allergies are okay with derivatives, but most have reactions to even the most processed, obscure ingredients derived from corn, including meats from corn-fed animals. Reactions can vary from obvious symptoms to counter-intuitive ones like disruption in sleep pattern or insomnia, inhibited brain function, unstable emotional well-being, etc.

    Best wishes on your corn-free journey!

    • I do my own due diligence every time I fill a prescription—including calling the manufacturer to verify that none of the ingredients are derived from corn. So far, hydroxyzine is the only antihistamine that I’ve ever been able to find corn-free. As I said in the post, I never assume that that will always continue to be the case going forward.

  6. Linda W. says:

    Thanks. Many people are sensitive to the smell of fabric softener, even folks without a corn allergy.

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