Petition to Declare Corn an Official Allergen

This Move On petition made it into my RSS feed this morning and I just had to share it with you.

It would be such a boon for all of us corn allergy sufferers to have it accurately labeled. I know it’s part of my long-term goals to increase ingredient transparency across the board. I hope you will all sign the petition and let us take the giant leap forward. 🙂

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5 Responses to Petition to Declare Corn an Official Allergen

  1. Kelly Thornton says:

    Signed! Fingers crossed.

  2. Tamar Kummel says:

    Thank you for passing this on. It is SO important.
    Since corn is in over 100 ingredients that are not called, “corn” in an ingredient list, and the allergy/sensitivity can be life threatening, it is SO important for people to know their food is safe to eat. My 90 year old mother is one of those people. And she wears a medic alert bracelet because of it.

    • I know they’re only looking for 750 signers. I’d like to see that number go up exponentially! I firmly believe that many people have corn allergies that aren’t even aware of it. Think of all the people that say they have fragrance and/or chemical sensitivities. Many of those people could be reacting to the the corn-derived chemicals.

  3. Donna Word says:

    I’m all in, unfortunately most people aren’t aware of how dangerous Korn allergies are it is growing more and more and is more deatramental than other allergies I can’t begin to express how glad it is coming into the limelight as being the most dangerous! I’m all in on this.

    • Donna Word says:

      I also have a life threatening reaction to corn and I’m Ana to my many allergies, I also wear a medic alert bracelet, good for her I’ve notice how people say “Korn” ? They could only imagine and not even that, it’s a scary thing.

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