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Corn-free Crafting

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Since starting the link party, some interesting questions have come up about corn in craft supplies. I didn’t know some of the answers off the top of my head so I began researching. Apparently crayons do have corn in the glue used to hold the wrapper on. Who knew! Basically corn is cheap in this country. So if it saves the manufacturers a few pennies to use corn-derived ingredients, they will go for the corn every time.

There’s another corn-free blog that does a great job in maintaining a list of corn-free products. I would recommend checking out that blog for the latest. To help you start your own research, I keep a list of other resources on my Helpful Links page.

Art/Craft Supplies with Possible Corn Ingredients

  • Adhesives/ Gums / Binders – even as a binder in corrugated cardboard, chip board, molding compound
  • Fragrances / Alcohol
  • Chalk – I figured this one out in elementary school. If you see white powdery residue, think corn starch. This goes for gloves, balloons, etc…
  • Waxy coatings – paper cups, milk cartons
  • Eco-friendly / Biodegradable / Natural – code for corn-based plastic
  • Inks / Dyes
  • Magazines / Printed materials – The printing process involves spraying corn starch on the freshly printed sheets to keep the ink from smearing while it dries. When I did print design, I witnessed this first hand.

Most Popular Post

The readers have spoken! From my first two link parties, the most popular post was from Marla at Organic 4 Greenliving with 3 Homemade Snack Foods That Are Healthier And Tastier Than Store Bought! This post has been pinned. Congratulations to Marla. I hope she continues to join the link party.

Link Party Rules & Guidelines

Here are the abbreviated rules. The full rules and guidelines are available here, including a list of hidden corn ingredients.

  1. Link a maximum of two corn-free posts: recipes, healthy living tips, or crafts.
  2. Link back to this post on your post page.
  3. Be nice, leave a comment and visit other posts.
  4. Have fun!

Only submissions that follow all the rules are eligible to be featured.

Welcome to the Corn-free Everyday Link Party!

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