Ingredient Substitutions

Here’s a working list of food substitutions I use to accommodate my corn, gluten, and mold allergies.


  • xanthan gum (corn), guar gum (legume), and psyllium husks can be exchanged 1:1. I use psyllium husk ground into a powder in a coffee grinder.
    • Update: America’s Test Kitchen says psyllium husks should be doubled when substituting for xanthan/guar gum.

Fruit sugar substitutes

  • For bananas in refined sugar-free baking, I use mashed sweet potato.
  • I’m told that you can substitute raisins for dates, but I can’t eat either due to a mold allergy. If you try it, let me know how it works for you.

Chocolate chips

  • I have yet to find a chocolate chip that uses a sweetener that I can tolerate. So, I use chopped unsweetened baking chocolate and add a small amount of additional coconut sugar/stevia in the batter.

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