GMO Labels and Corn Allergy Awareness

I know it’s a bit late for new year’s resolutions. But, I’ve been working on mine. This site is part of them so I thought I’d share with you.

GMO Labels

I’ve given up on trying to convince people, corporations and congress on the rightness of allowing people to know what’s in their food. I’m taking my power back. I’m only buying food that is labeled as non-GMO. I will assume that if it’s not labeled as such then it must contain GMOs. It’s just that simple.

If food companies want my bucks, fix the labels!

Non-GMO Project logoI commend the NON-GMO Project for their work on labeling. Support them if you can.

Corn-Allergy Awareness

This site is my part in the push to get corn recognized as a top allergen. In my personal opinion, it’s one of the most, if not the most, under-diagnosed allergy in this country.

The sheer volume of products made from corn in the USA is staggering. I’ve reacted not just to food,  but also the smell of popcorn (forever referred to by me as exploded corn) and drywall dust. Don’t even get me started on the toilet paper issue.

New Allergy Documentary

Tamar KummelThere is a filmmaker creating an allergy documentary and I thought you’d be interested. Her mother suddenly developed a corn allergy at 48 years old. So corn allergies will figure prominently in this film. The filmmaker has an Indiegogo project going through April 7th to raise money for the film.

I’m not associated with the filmmaker but I have contributed. I’ve exchanged several emails with her and think her project has a lot of merit. Please contribute if you can.


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