Folate: If You Can’t Make It, You Gotta Take It!

methyl folateEarlier this year I had a series of medical tests run, including a DNA test. My doctor found that I had a genetic defect in the MTHFR gene that means I can’t activate the folate (B-9) I get from food. I was surprised to find out that it’s not that uncommon. 20-30% of people with European ancestors have this defect.

My doctor showed me a very helpful diagram (I wish I had a copy of that to share with you.) that indicates that folate is necessary for DNA creation, liver detoxification, hormone function, repairing leaky gut and the blood-brain barrier, and so many other things.

This is a life changer people—
big problem with a cheap and easy fix!

Conditions Related to MTHFR

So it’s not surprising that the list of conditions related to this defect is incredibly long. Many cancers and mental illnesses are listed as well as digestive disorders, birth defects, and heart conditions. I shared this list with my mother and we were able to trace back many illnesses within the family going back several generations due to this defective gene.

Folate Solution

The solution is a simple and cheap vitamin supplement. I take methyl folate every day now and it’s made a huge difference. (Methyl folate is the activated form of folate.) My sleep and energy levels are better—no more daily couch-naps or brain fog! Basically, a lot of issues I blamed on my food allergies have been addressed by taking this supplement. This is a life changer people—big problem with a cheap and easy fix!

I’m so impressed with the changes in my health that every person in my immediate (genetic)family is getting a bottle of methyl folate added to their Christmas presents this year. LOL. (I’m not kidding!)

It’s recommended that you start slowly as you may experience some detox side effects as your liver responds to the folate. I’m still ramping up. I’ve been taking methyl folate for about 2 months now. It took me a little while to find one without corn additives. Ugh! I’m still looking for a B12 supplement I can take.

Talk to Your Doctor

I’ve been debating for a while about sharing this with you guys so soon. However, if it helps bring awareness to even one person that reads this blog, it’s worth it. If you suspect that your and your family may have this genetic defect, I recommend that you talk to your doctor and have the DNA test done. And, if your doctor won’t run these test for you, get another doctor! (I’m still not kidding!)

For more information about MTHFR, check out this comprehensive resource.

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