Provide Feedback on Red Lobster’s New Interactive Allergen Wizard

allergy-eats-blog-logoAllergyEats blog and Darden Restaurants have presented a wonderful opportunity for us to provide feedback on a new interactive tool they’ve created for navigating menus while dining out at their restaurants. Darden restaurants include Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and LongHorn Steakhouse. The tool is a web application that you can use on their website or smart device to narrow down your menu choices by eliminating the items that contain the ingredients to which you are allergic.

Red Robin already has a very similar tool online, called the interactive allergen menu.

I strongly encourage you to review the beta version they have of the interactive allergen wizard for Red Lobster and provide your feedback. As someone who is allergic to corn (not covered by their tool) who also works by day as a UX software designer, you can bet that I intend to give them plenty of feedback. 🙂

You have a chance to affect change now to improve the restaurant experience for all allergy sufferers. Wouldn’t it be great if all restaurant chains would do this as standard operating procedure. Let’s encourage Darden’s to do this right!


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