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Guest Post: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Food Allergies

When I was diagnosed with severe food allergies, I had no concept of alternative health care practices as part of my path to recovery. Since then, I’ve been blessed with finding an eclectic team of nontraditional practitioners that have each helped in their own way to bring me back to health. I will introduce you to them and their brand of magic over time. read more

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Creole Sauce – My Wacky Reflux Reliever!

Whenever reflux is causing that burning sensation in my belly, I turn to my creole sauce. Weird, I know. I can only speculate that the mild spiciness that I use is just enough to create additional digestive juices to relieve the problem of low stomach acid. A friend of a friend uses Indian food for the same effect. However, I’m not making any medical promises here. I can only promise that it tastes gooooood! read more

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