5 Knife Tips from a Professional Chef

The “pinch” hold involves pinching the blade between your thumb and index finger while wrapping the rest of your fingers around the handle.

As you know, I hate cutting up vegetables. So, I took a knife skills class at the local community college a few weeks ago to get better at it. I thought it might not be so tedious if I learned how to do it accurately.






I picked up some bonus tips from the chef running the class while I was there. I thought I’d share them with you today.

  1. Dishwasher detergent is abrasive and will dull knives. I always thought the issue with the dishwasher was about damaging the wooden handles. Not so! Our instructor tested three brand new knives by just washing them 20 times via the high-powered dishwasher (at the culinary school), a home dishwasher and hand washing. Each of the dishwashers completely dulled the knives even though they’d never been used. The hand washed knife was still as sharp as the day she started her test.
  2. knifeTangHigh quality knives have a blade that runs all the way through the handle and have rivets holding them into the handle. See the blade running through my 25+ year old chef’s knife. I had no idea it was a good knife at the time or I wouldn’t have put it in the dishwasher all these years. Oops!
  3. knifePinchThe best knife for you is one that fits in your hand comfortably when holding it in the right position. Mine kept whacking me in the wrist with the handle, so I’m still in search of a chef’s knife that fits in my girly hands.
  4. Plastic cutting boards will dull knives. Wood boards are much more gentle on the blade.
  5. But you should still use plastic cutting boards to cut poultry, because bacteria.

I still hate cutting up vegetables, but now I’m faster at it and I take better care of my knives!

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