Review: My New Discovery in Dealing with Airborne Corn

I’ve discovered a supplement that has helped me deal with all the airborne corn. You know—the popcorn, perfume and cleaners. Ugh!

Popcorn: No Longer Theater Potpourri

Popcorn has been an issue for several years now. I first connected it to my intense headaches when I saw Les Misérables. I was miserable and (spoiler alert!) not just because Hugh Jackman dies at the end! Prior to that I just considered it theater potpourri—a non-edible substance that smelled nice.

In the past year and a half, I’ve noticed myself having the same reaction to perfumes and cleaners. Just walking through someone’s perfume wake in the office could cause a reaction. Don’t even get me started on how much perfume someone must be wearing that I can smell their presence on an empty elevator!


After researching online and talking with numerous alternative health practitioners, I discovered Standard Process Antronex. It’s made from a bovine liver fat extract that helps your liver detox histamines faster.

I like that it has few ingredients and it works by helping my body do something it’s already supposed to do instead of suppressing symptoms. I contacted Standard Process and they confirmed that there are no corn derivatives in Antronex. So I had to try it out.

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid to review this product and I have no medical expertise. I just had to share my experience in the hopes that it might help some of my readers. If you have airborne allergies, do your own research and talk to your trusted medical experts.

The Star Wars Test

I tested it by going to see the new Star Wars movie and it worked very well. It wasn’t a 100% solution but it was very manageable and my few symptoms (minor sinus headache and congestion) were very short-lived. Since then I noticed that the perfumes and cleaners don’t seem to bother me at all. Hallelujah!

I still don’t plan on going to the theaters on a regular basis but it’s good to know that I have options and a contingency plan in case of a random exposure. (I’m talking about you, Home Depot! Do you really need popcorn at a hardware store? Really?)

Where has Jillian Been?

I know it’s been a long time. Last May I had a heavy work load along with some illness and injury that kept me from posting, but I’m back now and will be posting more regularly. I also hope to start up the Corn-free Every Day link parties soon. I’m looking for someone to co-host. If you’re interested, contact me through the blog!

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8 Responses to Review: My New Discovery in Dealing with Airborne Corn

  1. Kelly Aubert says:

    This is amazing! I have become so sensitive to smells that I almost always have a headache! It is very frustrating!! Do you take this everyday or just when you know you’ll be around scents that don’t agree to you? Thank you so much for posting this!!

    • Both. I take a “maintenance” dose every day but if I have a big exposure, I can take more. I think of it as putting a larger hole in my allergy bucket!

      For headaches, you should also look into magnets. I got some tiny ones on Amazon that I stick on my temples when I get exposed to the corny smells. I haven’t had to use them in weeks since I ramped up on the Antronex. 🙂

      By the way, The Standard Process products cost a fortune on Amazon. I get my at near cost from my acupuncturist. My naturopath and chiropractor sell them too.

      I’m glad I can give you another option to explore.

      Good luck!

  2. Marjorie says:

    Wonderful news! Glad to know you have found Antronex I will keep it in mind. Reading your post pointed out to me how much better I am. Perfume annoys me now but does not make me sick. Cleaners, diesel buses, smoke, etc all used to finish me off. I absolutely could not drive without air conditioning. Previously if I were stopped at a light and had my window down and the person in the car in front of me was smoking with their window open my throat would start closing even before I actually smelled the smoke. Working madly for years to to build my immune system and get rid of stored toxins has helped tremendously. I’ll send you an email shortly detailing things I’ve done. Life = new grandnson, husband in New Zealand for a funeral and my mother in hospital.

  3. Mary says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I never saw the link before of getting major headaches after going to the movies. Thanks for the article. I guess I will not be going to the theater anytime soon.

    • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! If it helps, I’ve found that my local library has most big movies available to borrow in less than a year after release. It doesn’t help with spoilers though. 🙁

      For headaches, try applying magnets to your temples. You can find them online for this purpose. My theory is that they work by attracting the iron in your blood to increase the circulation thereby relieving the constriction that causes the headache.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Mary says:

    I am also wondering where or how you get the Antronex since the link provided says they only sell to health providers.

    • I have found it on Amazon at obscenely high prices. However, I get it from my acupuncturist. My chiropractor and naturopathic doctor also carry the brand. You’ll have to check around your local area to see who carries it. Standard Process regulates the prices among it’s authorized sellers. Once you find one in your area there’s no need to shop around. Good luck!

  5. Deb says:

    Thanks so much for this post. I have year-round stuffed up nasal passages. I’m going to give this a try!

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