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Review: My New Discovery in Dealing with Airborne Corn

I’ve discovered a supplement that has helped me deal with all the airborne corn. You know—the popcorn, perfume and cleaners. Ugh!

Popcorn: No Longer Theater Potpourri

Popcorn has been an issue for several years now. I first connected it to my intense headaches when I saw Les Misérables. I was miserable and (spoiler alert!) not just because Hugh Jackman dies at the end! Prior to that I just considered it theater potpourri—a non-edible substance that smelled nice. read more

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Corn-free Every Day Link Party – Mar 14, 2015 & Tribute to Terry Pratchett

In Honor of Terry Pratchett, Let’s See your Most Fantastical Post!

Today’s corn allergy conversation has been preempted by the passing of British author, Terry Pratchett. He passed away Thursday, March 12, 2015 after a long battle with early onset Alzheimers. For those of you that have followed this blog for a while, you know I’ve been a big fan for almost all my adult life (When you do the math on that one, please be kind!). I’ve even created a recipe for Dwarf Bread based on his Diskworld novels. read more

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Easy Office Lunches Sans Microwave

Last fall I started working in an office after spending the better part of four years working from home. This introduced an unexpected challenge—preparing an allergy-safe lunch in the office. read more

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Review: Montréal Restaurants

Prior to my trip, I contacted a few bloggers that I knew were familiar with the Montréal health food community, including Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit. Thank you Leanne! Also many thanks to my Montréal LinkedIn connections, including Margaux Murray of Mon Marché. read more

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Visiting Montréal with Food Allergies

This was my second vacation in Montréal. Based on previous experience, I was very careful to plan my hotel around kitchenette needs, metro access, and attractions I wanted to visit. read more

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Baked2Go: A Montréal Gluten Free Bakery Review

I read a review about Baked2Go before I left for my vacation to Montréal. After visiting their website, I knew they were a must visit while I was there. read more

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