Tip: Why I Weigh My Ingredients

You have probably noticed by now that my recipes have measurements in both grams and cups. I have converted over to cooking by weighing my ingredients and you won’t believe how much easier it is.

Measuring cups have always been notorious for inaccurate measurements. Professional bakers weigh their flours to eliminate inconsistencies in how different bakers pack a measuring cup. So when I switched to gluten free baking, it was a logical step to switch to weighing my ingredients. I do not miss washing all those measuring cups!

usingScaleI didn’t realize how effortless it would be to cook just by setting a bowl or pan on my kitchen scale* and zero out scale between additions. Recipes come together so much faster.

flourJarsI use quart size canning jars with pour lids for my flours. It makes it so much easier to pour out just the right amount without going over—an important skill to learn if you’re measuring into a bowl with other ingredients already inside.

Knowing the weight of the flour in a non-gluten-free recipe is the critical first step to converting to a successful gluten-free recipe. Once you know the weight you can start substituting gluten-free flours as long as you maintain the same weight. That is a little oversimplified because each flour has its own properties that contribute to the success or failure of a recipe. That’s why most gluten-free baking recipes call for multiple flours or a specific gluten-free flour blend. But that’s another article for another day!

Coming next: How to convert your own recipes from cups to grams. It’s easier than you think, assuming that you haven’t forgotten your basic elementary school math or have elementary-aged children to do the math for you. LOL.

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