Corn-free Every Day Link Party – Apr 25, 2015

Extra Extended Uber Link Party

corn free everyday iconI’m busy moving for the next few weeks. So I’ve decided to give you an extra long link party to play with while I concentrate on the mundane tasks of packing/unpacking and transferring utilities. This party will end on June 5th. Then we’ll go back to the regular weekly party.

To stretch out the fun, the two post maximum is lifted. Post as much as you like as long as it’s corn-free! (I will be checking.) When I return in June, I’ll post the top five links in a special features post!

FYI – I meant to do this last week but I was preempted by a corn-tamination. In case you’re wondering, white board cleaner has massive amounts of corn alcohol in it and I’ve got the brain fog, migraine, congestion, and raw throat to prove it.

Here’s a quick tip, tiny magnets taped to your temples will keep the headache at bay but you’ll look like an idiot in public. It’s a small trade off. 😛

Link Party Rules & Guidelines

Here are the abbreviated rules. The full rules and guidelines are available here, including a list of hidden corn ingredients.

  1. Link a maximum of two corn-free posts: recipes, healthy living tips, or crafts.
  2. Link back to this post on your post page.
  3. Be nice, leave a comment and visit other posts.
  4. Have fun!

Only submissions that follow all the rules are eligible to be featured.

Welcome to the Corn-free Every Day Link Party!

Corn-free Every Day Featured Posts on Pinterest

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Increasing Corn Allergy Awareness

I’m so pleased that everyone is enjoying the corn-free link party. One of my long-term goals is to raise awareness of corn allergies until it is recognized as a top allergen and labeling is required. It’s my personal opinion that corn allergies in the United States are very under-diagnosed. It’s in just about everything so it’s hard to eliminate and prove that corn is the cause of the allergy symptoms.

I think this party can help raise the awareness with bloggers. So I encourage you to spread the word and thank you for linking up today!

Comment Issues

I appreciate all your comments. I’m always so pleased to find out that I’m providing valuable information to you. A couple of people have told me that my spam blockers have given them problems. I’m so sorry that spammers are ruining it for us all. I just don’t have time to fish out the real comments from the spam and hold down a full-time job.

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