Corn-free Everyday Link Party – Feb 08, 2015

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Increasing Corn Allergy Awareness I'm so pleased that everyone is enjoying the corn-free link party. One of my long-term goals is to raise awareness of corn allergies until it is recognized as a top allergen and labeling is required. It's my personal opinion that corn allergies in the United States are very under-diagnosed. It's in just about ...

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Easy Office Lunches Sans Microwave

carrots & hummus

Last fall I started working in an office after spending the better part of four years working from home. This introduced an unexpected challenge—preparing an allergy-safe lunch in the office. It's not as easy as it used to be. With a corn allergy, I can't just bring a frozen meal and pop it in the microwave. Microwave ...

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Corn-free Everyday Link Party – Feb 01, 2015 & Craft Supplies

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Corn-free Crafting Since starting the link party, some interesting questions have come up about corn in craft supplies. I didn't know some of the answers off the top of my head so I began researching. Apparently crayons do have corn in the glue used to hold the wrapper on. Who knew! Basically corn is cheap in this country. ...

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Mini Frittatas – Corn-free, GF,DF

Muffin Frittatas

A quick and easy meal for any time of day and a great use up for leftovers. These mini frittatas have saved me many morning when I otherwise wouldn't have time for breakfast. It's so easy to heat up a couple and pop them into my purse to eat once I arrive at the office. The Trouble with Reheating ...

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Corn-free Everyday Link Party – Jan 25, 2015

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Welcome to the Corn-free Everyday Link Party! The link party had a successful kick-off on Tuesday. Thank you to everyone that participated! Let's make this link party even better. Remember it's not just recipes. Healthy living tips and craft projects are also welcome — so long as they're corn-free. Corn-free Health & Beauty Corn-free living is more than just ...

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Corn-free Alternatives to Antihistamines


The Antihistamine Years Few of you know that I was diagnosed with a true corn allergy when my doctor, after several unsuccessful attempts to prescribe antihistamines for hives, discovered that all the prescription strength medications had corn starch in them as fillers. Being allergic to your antihistamines is the quintessential definition of irony. She was excited because she'd never ...

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