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Crisp Orange Ginger Cookies – GF/Corn-free/Refined SF/DF/EF

These cookies are thin and crispy, full of orange and ginger flavor—basically everything I have missed in a cookie for four years since I went gluten-free. Now after numerous tries, I can present to you my gluten-free version of Moravian ginger cookies. read more

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Tip: Cashew Butter Apple for lunch

A granny smith apple sealed with nut butter was a college lunch staple for me. It was quick and easy. Toss it in a baggie and go!

I don’t eat peanuts anymore due a mold allergy but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying this healthy treat. read more

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Dwarf Bread – Gluten-free, Corn-free, Egg-free

From Wikipedia article on the Discworld series:

Dwarf bread is like hardtack, only more so; its properties are a parody of Middle-earthcram and lembas. It will enable you to survive for days (by making you realise you are surrounded by things that look more edible) and never goes stale, possibly because it was always stale. Its primary use is as a weapon… read more

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Creole Sauce – My Wacky Reflux Reliever!

Whenever reflux is causing that burning sensation in my belly, I turn to my creole sauce. Weird, I know. I can only speculate that the mild spiciness that I use is just enough to create additional digestive juices to relieve the problem of low stomach acid. A friend of a friend uses Indian food for the same effect. However, I’m not making any medical promises here. I can only promise that it tastes gooooood! read more

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