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Review: America’s Test Kitchen Gluten-Free Book

I was very excited to find out that Americas Test Kitchen (ATK) was publishing a gluten-free book. I’m a big fan of their shows on PBS. Even though I can’t use most of their recipes as is, they give me enough information that I can usually convert the recipe to suit me. read more

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Crisp Orange Ginger Cookies – GF/Corn-free/Refined SF/DF/EF

These cookies are thin and crispy, full of orange and ginger flavor—basically everything I have missed in a cookie for four years since I went gluten-free. Now after numerous tries, I can present to you my gluten-free version of Moravian ginger cookies. read more

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Sweet Potato French Toast Custard – Corn-free,GF

Sweet potato french toast custard is a great gluten-free breakfast or dessert treat that’s also refined sugar-free and dairy-free. It’s also an easy sell to kids that don’t like eggs. They think they’re getting a treat but you know there’s an egg in each serving. Bonus! read more

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Tip: How to Convert Recipes from Cups to Grams

As promised in my last post, I’m going to discuss how to convert any recipe measurements from cups to grams. This will help you tremendously with gluten-free baking. It will free you up in flour substitutions as you can change the ratio of gluten-free flours as long as they add up to the same weight of flour overall. read more

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Tip: Why I Weigh My Ingredients

You have probably noticed by now that my recipes have measurements in both grams and cups. I have converted over to cooking by weighing my ingredients and you won’t believe how much easier it is. read more

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Dwarf Bread – Gluten-free, Corn-free, Egg-free

From Wikipedia article on the Discworld series:

Dwarf bread is like hardtack, only more so; its properties are a parody of Middle-earthcram and lembas. It will enable you to survive for days (by making you realise you are surrounded by things that look more edible) and never goes stale, possibly because it was always stale. Its primary use is as a weapon… read more

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